About us

Our vision is a world of thriving relationships and effective teams where people collaborate by using differences as a valuable resource.

Business Idea
We assist companies and organisations in achieving their goals through identifying, utilizing and directing their human resources.

We offer
• application of psychological knowledge to business- and organisational problems
• wide breadth and depth of experience from both the private and the public sectors
• business oriented processes and results
• a systems oriented viewpoint that balances the perspectives of the organisation, the group and the individual
• methods and techniques based on solid theories and research
• structured methods that create value from diversity and differences

Who do we assist?
Our clients include Swedish and international companies and organisations within the public and private sectors. We work with the entire organisation, management groups, work teams, executives and staff.

Human Ability

Our work is based on our conviction that every person, every group and every organisation has the inherent potential to develop and transform. We know from experience that people working together have the power to achieve extraordinary results. We also know that this power can be elusive. One of the core rules of modern science is that the sum of all energy in the universe remains constant, it neither increases nor decreases. Nature is ingenious in its ability to channel and change energy into the appropriate force. Human beings, like nature, become ingenious and empowered when they gain access to their potential energy and common sense.

Utilizing human resources is not new; quite the opposite. Human beings have always strived first and foremost to survive and second to develop and transform their environments. The tools we humans use are our thoughts and feelings. When we human beings manage to integrate our thoughts and our logic with our feelings and intuition we gain access to our common sense and are able to make perceptive decisions.

One of the greatest challenges of this era is to manage faster and more complex changes. Simply relying on what we have already learnt will not be enough. In order to handle these challenges we must develop theories and methods that assist us in handling the energy of change versus the energy resisting change.

Our approach is to reveal, normalise and extract the information contained in human beings’ natural tendency to resist change. In this way we help people and organizations understand the information contained in the resistance, thereby reducing the barriers to change.


The word Company comes from the Latin “to share bread with”. To work and “share bread together” is the core of what we do. Neuropsychological research is now building a body of evidence to suggest that mutual sharing is the root of human learning and development, both individually and organisationally.

To successfully meet and master ever faster change, two things are required: a flexible organisational structure and collaboration. These are the principles upon which we have built Billman Engquist & Company. Our clients’ aspirations, goals and challenges guide how we organise ourselves to meet specific assignments. Our commitment is to create opportunities for interaction that make a difference. We do this by forming strong partnerships with our clients and business partners. We are committed to acting generously and learning from our strategic allies.

Together with our clients and business partners we are committed to human development, organisational learning and extraordinary results.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles
At Billman Engquist & Company we use our principles as guidelines to make decisions. They are especially useful when we are confronted by the grey zone when it is not obvious what is right and what is wrong. Our principles encourage us to pause and reflect at key points in our decision making process. The following guidelines serve as beacons as we develop an approach which ensures our clients’ success.

System Centered®
An important theoretical premise for us is that people who come together in a decided context are steered more by the group norms and group dynamics than by how they are as individuals. This perspective is decisive for our understanding and handling of barriers created by the strong propensity of human beings to place themselves in the center and take events far too personally.

Our goal is to create a working climate that encourages people to speak openly and listen carefully.

We express our creativity and ensure others can express theirs. We work to utilise diversity of all kinds, those between people and between perspectives.

We respect all people’s dignity and equality. We promote diversity and do not discriminate for reasons of religion opinion, race, ethnic and cultural background, education, financial status, disability or for any other reason.

Our reputation is built on the trust and faith invested in us by all our clients and business partners and as such is our most precious asset. We know how we conduct our work and we know that what we do is important for our reputation. We take responsibility for living up to the applicable rules governing ethical and result oriented behaviour.


As results oriented consultants and registered psychologists we wish to utilize our accumulated life and work experience together with curiosity and creativity as a base. We create the prerequisites to enable creative meetings with our clients and business partners. From these meetings new realities are created which empower people in companies, organisations and teams to take pleasure in their work, to achieve their goals and to enjoy success.
» Please read more about the Guidelines for Billman Engquist & Company

Katarina Billman
I have many years of experience from the private sector both as a specialist and in management roles. During my early years in business I worked for the Dow Chemical Group as Compensation & Benefits Manager for the Nordic region.

During the latter half of the nineteen nineties, I built a Human Resources function for the IL Recycling Group. I joined Sandahl Partners at the beginning of the millennium, first as a consultant and later as Managing Director and Partner. My assignments during this period included individual leadership development, team development and qualified personnel assessment for leader selection.

In 2005 I left Sandahls to form Billman Engquist & Company.

I grew up in different cultural environments, lived in different countries and speak five languages fluently. Integrating these different cultures within me has been both stimulating and challenging. I find that I am driven by a great curiosity to explore diversity. This cultural legacy inspires my work with and my commitment to assisting organisations in utilising and integrating peoples’ differences.

As an ex long distance runner and still an active jogger I don’t give up so easily. Long distance running contains a meditative space for deeper thought which I find more and more in the countryside, when reading and through dialogue with others. I trained as a registered psychologist at Uppsala University and am a licensed SCT practitioner.

Curt Engquist
For the last 15 years I have worked as an organisation consultant. Previously I worked as a psychologist at Stockholm’s Municipal Education Department. I have worked as a consultant for the Sällma Group and Sandahl Partners where I was a partner.

In my youth I was a professional soccer player and today I partly work as a sports psychologist with individual sportsmen and teams, e.g. Team Sweden in ice hockey and a number of Swedish premier division football teams and bandy teams.

In 2005 Katarina and I formed Billman Engquist & Company. Within the field of Selection I have assessed over 1000 managers. I have also conducted leadership, guidance, training and rehabilitation programs at both group and individual levels. Conflict and crisis management continue to be of great interest to me.

I believe that all people, teams and organisations have an inherent drive to develop. New information, new knowledge and new insights are the fuel that feeds this process. My role as psychologist and consultant is to partner with my clients, remove barriers and free energy so they can reach their goals.

I am a results oriented consultant with great respect for human dynamics. I trained as a registered psychologist and am a registered psychotherapist..

Business Partners

Farax Group
The Farax Group is a company that supplies leadership development via research based tools. Billman Engquist & Company are licensed users of the Farax 360º tool, which we utilize in some of our leadership development programs and Executive Coaching.
» www.faraxgroup.com

SCTRI (The Systems-Centered ®Training and Reseach Institute)
The consultants at our company are members of SCTRI, a non-profit making organisation that supports training and research within system-centered theory, methods and techniques. This international organisation with its head office in the USA was founded in 1985 by Yvonne Agazarian, EdD.
» www.systemscentered.com

SHL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of psychometric tests. We are licensed users of their tests and are thus able to offer our clients a wide range of tests for differing purposes in twenty different languages.» www.shl.com

Vector Consulting Group
Vector Group Consulting is an international group of leadership and organisational development (OD) consultants in Sweden, the USA and England whose aim is to collaborate on international team development assignments and contribute to one another’s own competence development within this field. All members of The Vectoring Group are members of SCTRI. Aside from having long solid experience as OD consultants we share ethical and theoretical norms, and utilize the same methods and techniques.