The Competence Cycle
In our world of growing complexity, globalisation, technical development, greater competition and rapid change; competence is becoming the decisive success factor for companies, organisations and people.

Competence procurement relates to three things. First, to identify and attract the right people for the organisation. Second, to develop the organisation’s human system i.e. the organisation, teams and staff. Finally, competence procurement is about the transformation of those organisations, teams and staff whose resources for differing reasons are no longer functional. Transformation embraces a mutual responsibility for both the organisation and staff to find new contexts that are more functional for both sides. Our conviction is that in the long run ethics and business success have a strong correlation.

We see Selection, Development and Transformation as equally valuable parts of the whole that we call the Competence Cycle. From this angle it is crucial that information from the three areas is integrated in the organisation’s competence procurement process. Seen from a system perspective the Competence Cycle can be applied to the organisation, the group or the individual.


One of the toughest challenges that companies and organisations face is locating and attracting competent leaders and staff. It becomes ever more important to match the right role with the right person. Faulty matches cost time, money and human frustration whilst competition for the most highly qualified staff is increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the competence desired.

The effect achieved when we conduct a selection assignment is to ensure our client makes the right selection of the right person for the right role. Our assessments minimise the risks of making an incorrect selection. Furthermore we gather important information that facilitates the integration of the new recruits into new roles, into their team and into the organisation.

We contribute to your recruitment goals as we
• Conduct competence assessments based on the gap between your present position and your desired position.
• Assist you in formulating strategies aimed to reduce the gap between existing competence and desired competence.
• Conduct individual assessments and the Assessment Center to find the right staff member for the right role.
• Facilitate your staff members’ integration into their role, team and organisation.


New times and new realities require a change in leader and staff roles in your organisation. The complexity and speed of the current business environment challenges organisations’, teams’ and employees’ ability to communicate, to create innovative environments and to handle conflicts.

Our development programs develop leaders, managers, staff and teams, thus enabling them to more freely handle their own and others’ barriers. They receive greater access to their own energy and creativity, they improve their ability to handle conflicts and they become better at decision making and follow though, and at achieving established goals.

We contribute to your organisational development by offering:

At Organisation Level
• Leadership development programs
• Team development programs
• Staff development programs
• Transformation programs

At Group Level
• Management group development
• Team development
• Conflict resolution
• Guidance

At Staff Level
• Coaching
• Career orientation
• Consultations
• Crisis management


The need for transformation arises when roles and tasks are no longer required due to changes in the environment. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out the transformation of an organisation and/or staff whose resources, for differing reasons, are no longer functional in new contexts with new goals.

There is a mutual responsibility with transformation for both the organisation and the staff to form new contexts where both will find a better fit. Transformation is important for both human and business reasons. Companies and organisations’ responsibility for wider contexts than their own forms a competitive advantage that ever more people appreciate and value.

We help you to handle the process of transformation by:
At Organisation Level
• Charting competence in the organisation
• Participating in the formulation of transformation strategies
• Educating, training and coaching managers to lead the change process

At Group Level
• Conducting leader programs aimed at the better handling of transformation processes

At Staff Level
• Offering career orientation
• Offering crisis management.